ATV Rules of the Road

All-Terrain Vehicles

Rules of the road

The Forsyth Township Police Department wants everybody to enjoy the weather and we know, for many of you, that a big part of that is the use of all-terrain vehicles. We would like to make sure that everyone understands the rules of operating an ATV, and what’s expected to make sure we all have a safe and successful season on the trails.

  • Anyone riding an ATV under the age 16 must have a safety certificate and be supervised by an adult when operating an ATV.

  • ATV’s must have current year ORV Sticker and must also have a State Trail Sticker if riding on an a designated State of Michigan Trail.

  • ATV’s can be operated on the extreme right hand side of township roadways when going from one trail to another. ATV’s may not be used for a trip to the store or general transportation around town, they are to be used on trails only.

  • State and Federal Highways are Prohibited for ORV/ATV use.

  • ATV’s that are legally registered with the Michigan Secretary of State, and operating on the roadway in the flow of normal traffic are subject to all applicable Michigan Motor Vehicle Code Laws.

  • ATV/ORV operator's are NOT permitted to operate an ORV if your driver's license is Suspended, Denied or Revoked.

  • ATV’s being used on roadways, in the limited capacity that they are allowed, must be kept below 25 MPH during the day and 15 at night.

  • ATV’s transporting more than one person must be equipped with a second seat specifically made for a second rider.

  • Operators of ATV’s must wear helmets at all times, the only exclusion are UTV Side by Sides equipped with a DOT approved roll cage and safety harness/belt.

  • Forsyth Township will enforce ORV/ATV violations under DNR/State of Michigan Law Code. Please take a moment and review the DNR/State of Michigan ORV Laws at;

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Forsyth Township Police Department wants to see everyone enjoy the beautiful trail system we have here in Forsyth Township. In doing so, we expect everyone to make the effort to make sure they are enjoying them responsibly and within the boundaries set down by the State of Michigan. We encourage everyone to learn the rules, obey them, and enjoy the trails. Thank you