FTPD 2021

 The Forsyth Township Police Complex was built in 1908.  The photo on the upper left is from circa 1910 and the below photo is 1933.  The original clock tower was removed from the building in 1990, and replaced with the new tower in 2013.  The building was the original home of the Forsyth Township Fire Department and Gwinn Constables, and later the Police Department.

In 1999, the Emergency Services Building was built which now houses the Forsyth Fire Department and EMS Service.  The Police building went through a major renovation during that time, and still is home to the Forsyth Township Police Department.

Forsyth Township Police Marshal - 1957 - Art Johnson

Art Johnson Small Town.pdf

Article Written by Forsyth Township Marshal Art Johnson 1957

Title:  Small Town Cop