Mission & Vision Statement


The Mission of the Forsyth Township Police Department is to strive for professionalism while enhancing the quality of life within the community we serve. We aim to strengthen the relationship between the department and the partnership with the community. The intention of the department is to safeguard life and property while upholding the constitutional rights of our citizens.

The Forsyth Township Police Department pledges to fight crime by utilizing proactive patrol techniques, new technology, and continuing education of our officers while aggressively pursuing violators of the law. Our officers will maintain a higher standard of integrity while in pursuit of fairly and impartially fulfilling their duties.


The Forsyth Township Police Department aims for a safer tomorrow; to accomplish this goal we pledge to utilize and adapt new and advanced techniques and technology to safeguard our community. We will only seek the highest standards in our officers. Our officers will take pride in the community they serve.

The Forsyth Township Police Department will collaborate with citizens so that we may improve and address areas of concern within the community. With the help of the community, the department will continually improve our community for a better and safer tomorrow.

The Forsyth Township Police Department will capitalize on our strengths as a diverse community and work force to make this vision a reality.