The patrol division and the patrol officer are the first line of defense against illegal and unacceptable behavior and is often the public’s initial point of contact with the police department.  The patrol officer works with the community to constantly strive to find innovative ways to solve problems, reduce crime rates, control criminal activity while delivering timely, courteous service.

The Forsyth Township Police Department is currently made up of eight full-time and one part- time certified police officers to include the Chief of Police, Patrol Sergeant and Corporal. Additionally, the department employs two civilian administrative assistants. The Forsyth Township Police Department patrols nearly 200 square miles, covering several different communities within the township and provides law enforcement service to the Marquette Sawyer Airport.

A Forsyth Township patrol officer is the initial responding officer on police calls, they conduct investigations, and maintain routine patrol activities to preserve the peace, enforce laws, prevent and deter crime, protect life and property, arrest suspected violators of the law, and render service to the public.

A patrol officer may be assigned special duties such as criminal investigations, drug and alcohol enforcement and/or education responsibilities, and other tasks as required. Duties are performed under general supervision in accordance with well-established police practices, standards, and departmental policy and regulations.  This work may frequently involve hazardous or strenuous tasks, but always involves the exercise of initiative and independent judgment in emergency situations.  

Patrol Supervisors

PATROL SERGEANT - Sgt Jesse Cadwell -

PATROL CORPORAL - Cpl Cole Kemppainen -